Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

A selection of issues of EQMM - the leader in mystery short story publishing since 1941.

Many leading writers saw their work published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine for the first time, and many known for novels have had short pieces here.

This site will list them all, with as much detail as I can get on the contents of each. Many are for sale - please remember all of them are 'used' - and I give a guide to their condition!

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Please note - the lists of contents published here are incomplete, and I cannot confirm their accuracy, except where I have a copy to sell; this is because Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine has been published on (at least) three continents, and there were reprints. I have been given lots of information to help build this site, and it's been given (and taken) in good faith ... but errors do creep in, despite our best efforts. In general, I match the US edition of EQMM - later editions wer simply reprints of the US version, but earlier ones varied a lot. I'm afraid I haven't yet worked out when things changed, but if in doubt, do ask!

If any of the editions listed here interest you, please send an email (address below), for a final quotation, including postage (please state your country - I'll be posting from the UK).

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A note on condition:

EQMM is printed on cheap paper; this means that the paper tends to oxidize (tan, go brown) - rapidly in direct light, so tops and bottoms are frequently quite dark. My copies are all used / second hand / preowned - so have often sat in briefcases, or even been rolled in pockets. So few are pristine, but most are good, and I store them in the dark, flat, so I minimise any further damage. I'll always note any significant flaws, if it's the only copy I have, and price accordingly.

Oh, and I have several copies of many issues, so do ask if you want duplicates. When you register an interest, I'll put those copies aside for a few days while you make a final decision - please let me know before sending cash, so I can expect it.

Please note: I do keep the pages as up to date as I can, and I do check for accuracy - but I'm only human, so errors can occur. These details do not - unless confirmed by email - constitute a final offer or contract of sale, and should be construed as providing general information which requires confirmation.