About This Site


The Ellery Queen indexes on these pages are the most comprehensive on the web - bar none!

Though not (yet!) fully complete, they are available for anyone, so even if I do not have that copy to sell, the index will be available.


Ouble is a book store for online purchase using Paypal or by post using UK cheques. Cash is acceptable in Pounds sterling, US Dollars and Euros.


Paypal is very simple to use, very economical to use - for buyer and seller - and it does give some protection to the shopper. Knowing what sharks some internet sellers are, that is a real plus. I use Paypal as a buyer, too.

The EQMM store sells the magazines and some anthologies - all in used condition.


The site is searchable, thanks to the free service from Google.


Like most used book stores, this is run on a shoe string, so while I really do welcome suggestions, there's a real limit to what I can do!


Thanks for visiting; do call again.


Andrew Heenan