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Please note cover illustrations are stock images, and are unlikely to be the item for sale.

Magazine Quality: A Guide

Magazines are really not built to last; Early EQMM were printed on very cheap paper, which has a terrible tendency to tan, plus the binding was pretty poor - spines tend to crack on older magazines.

Each book sold on this site has a quality rating - but don't hesitate to ask for details of a particular issue.

Please note that cover illustrations are not necessarily taken from the copy that I'm selling.

Very Good - Clean cover with no significant creases; little tanning; no significant marks; no deep spine creases.

Good - Cover may be marked or slightly creased; some page tanning; there may be minor marks (eg a name or two, prices from used book stalls). Spine creased but firm.

Average - Cover largely intact, but likely to have some creases, marks or small damage. There's almost certain to be some page tanning. Any page or margin marks may be annoying, but won't be too bad. Spine may be damaged, but all the pages are held in place.

Reading Copy - Cover may have tears or severe creasing; bad page tanning; there may be marks here and there. All pages are present, but the spine may be broken, and or some pages loose.

EQMM was sent through the post with an address label pasted to the front cover; often the label - or the gum - is still there. Unless removal attempts have severely damaged the cover, this is 'normal' - no point in worrying about it!

All copies sold on this site are complete - any tears reported have not resulted in any missing text.

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