*** I am NOT buying at the moment ***


Why you DON'T want me to buy your magazines

1. I am a collector, but there are very few issues that I still need.

2. So when I buy collections, it is a business decision, for resale on this site.

3. I do not set the market price for magazines; EBAY does. I cannot expect much different, though I do have the advantage of permanent display.

4. I run this site to make money, plus I do have overheads

5. For example, I sell individual copies, of special and personal interest to the buyer. To be able to do this, I HAVE TO maintain an almost complete collection for immediate dispatch - even though the vast majority will never sell.

6. If I buy your magazines, I have to pay the shipping costs, which can be amazing!

7. So please understand that the price I am willing to pay will be much less than the prices you see on eBaY.

8. Much less than that; I want to make a profit!

9. If you still want me to consider your collection, please email a list AND THE PRICE YOU SEEK; I will always reply, if only to say "No Thanks!". I may make a counter offer - but in my experience, it is not in your interest or mine to haggle endlessly. If we're miles apart, at least one of us will end up disappointed - probably both.

10. I apologise for the bluntness of this page - but I get up to 10 requests per week, few of which I can consider seriously, so if you do not send a list, or you do not include the price you seek, I am unlikely to reply.


Thanks for reading this far!



I buy most of my collections on ebay, and I recommend ebay for getting a 'fair price' - but please be aware that many issues have little general value. My selling prices are on the basis that a particular issue has value to a particular person at a particular time, and it only works because I maintain an almost comprehensive collection for sale at all times - while being happy not to sell very many!

If you do plan sell on ebay, do let me know - one more bidder won't hurt your price